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GLYTCH Energy was founded in 2020 by Benjamin Bullington, a fitness and gaming fanatic who wanted to bring quality and health conscious supplements to the gaming market.

He spent months creating the best great tasting clean energy drinks with no artificial flavors or sweeteners, using only trademarked clinically tested and dosed ingredients.

What started as a vision quickly evolved into something much more…A Movement. A Lifestyle. A Community.


SOARDOGG is a full service design, print fulfillment and custom apparel producer. Let us create a unique look for your brand from concept to final design. We work closely with popular Brands, Casual Gamers, Twitch & Mixer Streamers, and YouTube Personalities to create and produce premium customized apparel and merchandise for your growing fan base!


Gaming has always been a big part of our lives growing up.
I remember staying up until the early hours of the morning with our doritos and mountain dew, and when sunrise came around we would sneak into our beds so our parents wouldn’t know.
Really fun times. Do you remember?
We loved gaming so much that we decided to do something more.

Today we are the most customizable controller company in the world, and we are proud to provide our customers, you, with the ability to personalize your controller exactly the way you want it, without limitations.